Welcome, my name is Chris Ojari and I live in Bradwell, Derbyshire.

I am a mother of five, now aged between 15 and 27. I am also a qualified Nurse (1978), Midwife (1983) Health Visitor (1980), Hypnotherapist (1989) and practicing HypnoBirthing practitioner (2008). You can find out more about my birth services HERE.

I have been involved in supporting parents in caring for their children since 1980 and my passion is in empowering mothers to make their own decisions and gain confidence in their ability to be calm and relaxed parents. I am happy to be able to say that all my five offspring are well adjusted young people with a balanced and mature outlook on life. I want to share my understanding of how other parents can assist their own children to be the same.
I wanted to teach BabyCalm as soon as I heard about the programme as I struggled a lot in my early parenting days and was often not at all relaxed. I learnt as I went along, as do many others, but life is even faster now, and with more stresses. I want to help others avoid such a struggle. I am delighted to be part of this powerful, common-sense programme that draws heavily on scientific, well researched and documented techniques to help children grow up to be calmer and more at peace with themselves and others. I think stress is the scourge of modern life and parents need to know how to help their children to minimise it. This, in my view is crucial to bringing up happy and healthy children.