Welcome to BabyCalm & ToddlerCalm Bedfordshire


My name is Carine Robin. I'm the mother of Lily, 6 years old and Louis  2 years old.

I have a master in psychology and worked for 5 years in various support services for children and families in Belgium.

Following our move in Ireland and UK, I worked in childcare and trained as a Montessori teacher after I became a mother. What leads me to become first a Montessori teacher was my desire to respect my children's needs. Then with my background in psychology, I wished to support other parents in their parenting journey and I became a BabyCalm teacher in April 2013.

I pursued my training journey and I am a ToddlerCalm teacher since April 2014.

I have myself tested first hand the BabyCalm classes as I attended one with my son. I am now passionate about sharing this information with parents and happy to help others to respect their baby's needs and trust themselves.




Workshops on demand in Ealing (10 couples minimum)

I run BabyCalm & ToddlerCalm classes in Bedford, Sandy and Biggleswade (and any surrounding villages on demand). I also run a monthly weekend workshop in Ealing (as I lived there for 3 years and started BabyCalm/ToddlerCalm over there)


  • the four week mum and baby course (four sets of two hour classes) this covers all things baby including touch therapy, babywearing, use of white noise etc. Realistic expectations of newborn sleep and techniques to calm colicky babies. Turning crying babies and stressed parents into calmer babies and happier parents! Full course materials and a copy of the BabyCalm Calming White Noise CD. It's a specific mothers and babies class.

Next class: available the week starting Tuesday 30th of September - SANDY  - Register your interest here

Currently this class is on offer for £50 instead of £95 until the end of this year! 


  •  3 hour Antenatal Workshop. Techniques to calm your baby and enrich you with confidence before your bundle of joy arrives! All course materials provided. On demand, minimum 2 couples. Register your interest here.
  • 3 hours BabyCalm Workshop. Methods and techniques to calm your baby and empower you to confidentally trust your instincts! Perfect if you want to do it with dad! All course materials provided. Often done privately as an emergency workshop to help new parents to cope with baby's needs the first weeks (coping with colics, calming tips, understand baby's needs - aka the 4th trimester)
  • 3 hours BabyCalm Sleep workshop. Understand baby sleep and maximise sleep for parents and baby. Most suitable for babies aged 3 to 12 months old. All course materials provided.

Next dates:

- 4th of October, 2pm to 5pm -  contact me to book your space - at the Courtyard Centre for Health, Biggleswade.

  • 3 hours BabyCalm Babyled weaning workshop. Understand current weaning guidelines and how the idea of babies feeding themselves and having control over their diet can lead to less fussy, healthier eaters which can impact long into adulthood. All course materials provided. contact me to book your space. SPECIAL OFFER ONLY £20!

- Tuesday 28th of October 10am to 1pm. £20 - Contact me to book your space.

ToddlerCalm workshop. A 3 hour workshop that enables you to understand your toddler's brain development and shows you ways to avoid and handle most difficult toddler behaviour. We will look at the science of tantrums and how to encourage your toddler to grow into a kind, thoughtful and independent child.

Next date: TBC contact me to book your space.

  • ToddlerCalm Sleep workshop. A 3 hour workshop to help you to make sense of your toddler's sleep patterns and understand how to change them. On demand with minimum 3 couples or done privately - £35 - contact me to book your space.


  • ToddlerCalm 4 weeks Parenting class: A 4 week toddler parenting course suitable for all parents of a 1 to 4 year olds that teaches parents how to understand and cope with most toddler behaviour. This course is in much more depth than both workshops above and considers most toddler behaviour including specifics on toddler sleep and eating and suggestions for play activities. Register your interest.

I plan group classes every month however I can also deliver the classes privately in the comfort of your own house. Also, if the group class dates are not convenient, don't hesitate to ask for a specific date. Host a class and set up a group (think about your NCT friends!) to get a great discount on any classes (minimum 3 couples/mums).


I can deliver the class in French too, just ask!

Classes antenatales et postnatales, preparation a la venue de bebe a Ealing, Londres en Francais! Echarpe de portage, massage pour bebe et support par une psychologue francophone.