Teacher Training

Train to teach with the fastest growing baby class provider in the world!

Join the original, biggest and most respected Baby Calming organisation in the world.

Do you love babies? Would you like to support new mothers to experience a calmer, happier babymoon? Becoming a BabyCalm™ teacher is an incredibly rewarding career move.

The BabyCalm™ teacher training course studies theories in Experimental and Developmental Psychology and the work of some of the world's leading baby experts, past and present. We also examine the neuro-physiology of the newborn brain. Our aim is to understand a baby's needs from a psychological and psychological perspective as well as understanding and balancing these with the needs of the new parent, particularly the mother. Our course incorporates a blend of theory and practical learning.

All BabyCalm™ teacher training courses are taught by a small team of highly experienced mothers, the majority who hold degree level and above qualifications in Developmental Psychology. You do not need any special qualifications to be eligible for our baby calmer teacher training, all we ask is that you have a genuine love of babies, that you have children of your own and a strong motivation to make a difference to new families via gentle parenting methods. We do also screen all potential teachers before we offer them a place on our training course to ensure that we maintain the ethics and integrity of our programme. We also insist that all of our teachers hold relevant professional insurance, adhere to our code of ethics and complete a set amount of continuing professional development hours each year.

The BabyCalm™ teacher training totals approximately 100 hours of home study and reflection, a face to face training weekend and a final course examination.

Comments from our past trainees:
"Inspiring, well organised and presented. I left the training weekend full of research based knowledge and confidence in presenting it to parents - thank you."  Sue Searle, Hertfordshire

"The training weekend was fantastic. Not only did I meet some other like minded and wonderful women, but what I took away with me was awe-inspiring. I can't wait to get started on this amazing journey of 'BabyCalm'. It's just what families REALLY need."  Emma Inglefield, Warwickshire


BabyCalm™ teacher training course dates

Our next training course will take place in the UK in Spring/Summer 2015. Please check back next year for more information.


Course Location

Our course venues are chosen specifically to be close to major road and rail links, as well as within 30 minutes from an international airports for those travelling from further afield.


International Training

From 2015 we will be offering teacher training in the following locations in addition to the UK.

  • New Zealand (South Island)
  • South Africa (Western Cape)

Please check back next year for more information.


Do you offer support after the training?

Once you have qualified you will be invited to join our private online teacher discussion forum, we also encourage you to contact us with any questions you have once in practice. We offer CPD training days throughout the year including our free annual study day for teachers (currently UK only). 


Will I be qualified to teach all courses and workshops?

The BabyCalm™ teacher training course will qualify you to teach our core structure, that is the 4 wk BabyCalm™ course, The BabyCalm™ BabyCalming workshop, The BabyCalm™ Antenatal  Workshop and the BabyCalm™ Sleep Workshop only.

Our Baby Led Weaning workshop requires additional training which can be completed at a later date should you so wish, currently the price for this additional training is £99.

If you wish to teach both BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalm™ you will need to take the intensive training course which is split over 4 consecutive days. Alternatively you may add ToddlerCalm™ training at a later date. For more information on our ToddlerCalm™ training please CLICK HERE.


Do you offer marketing support?

We frequently feature in major printed media including The Express Newspaper, The Scottish Daily Record Newspaper, OK! magazine, Gurgle (Mothercare) magazine, Practical Parenting magazine, The Green Parent magazine, Pregnancy and Birth Magazine, Mother and Baby Magazine and Junior magazine. We also have a very active presence on social media. We do however also expect our teachers to work hard to maintain a presence locally and recognise that this is where you will see the most effect from marketing.

Please note marketing in international territories is currently not carried out at the same level and is restricted to social media only. 


Do you set fees?

We set fees for our 5 group classes in the UK (international locations are set after discussion and research into individual country). You are able to set your own fee for private classes and charge for travel expenses for classes held at locations of parent's choice. 


Do you keep a proportion of our earnings?

No. All of the money you earn is yours to keep.


Do you charge an ongoing monthly fee?

No. You pay only for your initial training and for your annual license renewal (see later section).


Is your course the same as other baby calming training or postnatal courses?

In a word - NO!

Our unique, ground-breaking course is often copied - don't be fooled by poor quality imitations.

The BabyCalm™ Difference: BabyCalm™ is an entirely unique concept, born in the UK, out of years of research and learning from new parents and babies with the aim of supporting new families via gentle parenting methods from newborn to toddlerdom and beyond. We are an organisation run by mothers - for mothers, we are not aware of any other organisation in the world offering what we do. What do we do? we support, we listen, we build confidence, we provide information and suggestions, in a way we aim to replace the great feminine wisdom that is so sorely missed from our society - we absolutely do not position ourselves as experts or suggest prescriptive ways for calming all newborn babies. We are non-judgemental and non-biased. We present scientific information which allows the parent to make their own choices.

Our training focuses on supporting parents to become confident, to trust their instincts and be their own expert - or as we call it "The Maternal Revolution!"
We spend a lot of time listening to mothers, in particular, on our courses and supporting them to find solutions to their problems themselves. We do not advocate "one size fits all" advice or quick fix steps to calm newborn babies, instead we recognise each baby and each parent as the unique being they are. We also recognise that calming the parent is as important as calming the baby!   BabyCalm™ is more of an ethos than a set of rules, we see our classes as a method of fascilitating personal growth and confidence in new parents.

BabyCalm™ challenge current parenting advice and adopt a new way of thinking, helping parents to have calmer children and be happier in their new role long after the first 12 weeks of the newborn period are over, our calming theories can be carried into toddlerdom and beyond. We also promise never to teach methods that could be harmful, either psychological or physiologically to the baby or parent, such as enforcing routines or controlled crying, nor would we teach anything which forces the infant to do anything it is not phsyiologically ready to do, such as sleeping through the night.

Our core training course totals over 100 hours, including 18 hours face to face tuition - which we believe is an absolutely vital element of training.  Lastly, our teachers are self employed and we do not take a cut of their earnings. All teachers have the opportunity to earn generous commission on all of the products stocked in our online shop which provides further opportunity for a very attractive revenue stream and viable business opportunity.

It is for all these reasons that BabyCalm™ are the hot new and fresh name in baby calming set to take the parenting world by storm!


Do you limit the amount of teachers in one area?


The reason being is that BabyCalm™ is not a franchise. Which means there are no excessive exclusivity fees to pay and no commitment to practice for a set period of time after the initial training. We actively encourage our teachers to work together to promote the BabyCalm™ brand, however we do also realise it is not in anyone's interest to oversaturate an area with teachers and so regularly keep a close eye on supply and demand ratios. Occassionally we may turn trainees away if we feel an area would be covered too heavily.


Course Fee

The BabyCalm™ teacher training course is only £795.
For this you will receive a complete business package, including:

  • A weekend of face to face tuition with Psychology, Birth and Baby Professionals
  • Parent handout templates and  comprehensive training manual (in English only)
  • A free BabyCalm™  demonstration kit.
  • A free BabyCalm™  teacher's satellite website (in English only)
  • A free @babycalm.co.uk or @babycalming.com (for international teachers) email.
  • Starter BabyCalm™ CDs, flyers & posters. (in English only)
  • Your first year's licence fee
  • A buffet lunch, drinks and snacks on both training days
  • Free attendance to our annual study day (currently UK teachers only)

Please note this fee does not include overnight accommodation for the training weekend, although we can provide you with lists of reasonably priced local accommodation. 

For information on ToddlerCalm™ training please CLICK HERE.


Do you charge for anything else?

Only CDs and oil bottles (given to each 4 week course attendee) which are £5 and £1 respectively. We prohibit you from using your own marketing materials and if you wish to use advertising flyers, pop up exhibition banners, logo'd T-Shirts or bags or posters these must be purchased through head office (though usage is not mandatory), though rates for all of these are very reasonable starting at £12 for 250 flyers and £65 for a pop up banner. Currently it is only possible to purchase these items from the UK.

Also, a BabyCalm™ teacher licence fee of just £99 is charged every 12 months from your initial qualification date, no licence fee is chargeable in the first year of practice. Should you wish to also teach ToddlerCalmTM an extra £99 annual licence fee will be chargeable, taking the annual fee payable for both BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalmTM  licenses to £198. We do not take a proportion of your earnings and there are no hidden fees!


How much could I realistically earn?

This question is almost impossible to answer, though we get asked it lots!

The answer is it depends so much on the individual. Are you already working in this industry and have contacts? Or will it take time to establish them? Do you have young children at home to look after who will take a large proportion of your time? Are you likely to get pregnant again and thus need to take time out? How much time can you give to not only teaching but PR, marketing and networking? Remember you will be self employed and as such - running a business - and all businesses take time to establish. ]

We suggest it will take at least 6 months to get any clients at all and a further 6 months to establish a reputation and any word of mouth referrals. Once well established, a teacher who is focussing time and energy solely on BabyCalm might expect to earn roughly £500 to £1500 (or equivalent local currency) per month. How long it takes to get well established depends almost solely on you, for some it can take just a year, for others longer.


How do I book?

Please email us in the first instance. We require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the total course fee to secure your place which is payable on booking. The remaining balance is payable more than 6 weeks before your course start date. We are able accept payment by cheque, bank transfer, paypal and credit and debit card.


What is your cancellation and deferment policy?

We are able to defer your place to a later course providing you give us more than 14 days’ notice in writing before your course date. To defer your place we require a new deposit of 25% for the later course. If you need to cancel your course place please do so in writing.

The following cancellation fees will apply:
More than 6 weeks before your course date 25% of total course fee is payable
More than 4 weeks before your course date 50% of total course fee is payable
More than 2 weeks before your course date 75% of total course fee is payable
Less than 14 days before your course date 100% of total course fee is payable