Parent Classes

Our antenatal classes & baby classes provide help to calm a crying baby, stop baby colic & get more sleep.

BabyCalm™ help new parents to enjoy their baby by providing support from pregnancy through to the end of their baby's first year.

We help with everything from antenatal preparation for the arrival of a new baby, through to coping with colic and crying, weaning information and help with baby's sleeping, using gentle methods. Based on the work of popular parenting expert, Sarah Ockwell-Smith, our antenatal classes and postnatal baby classes turn crying babies and stressed parents into calmer babies and happier parents without a copy of Gina Ford or controlled crying in sight!


1) The BabyCalm™ Mother and Baby Class.

Our 4 week postnatal mother and baby classes give new mothers the opportunity to learn more about parenting their new baby in an easy going, non-judgmental environment. Perhaps most importantly of all they help you to make new mum friends locally!

What you will learn:

  • Baby Touch Therapy - our unique light baby massage routine.
  • How to aid bonding with your new baby
  • Learn ways to calm a crying baby
  • Tips to soothe baby colic
  • How to cope with your fussy baby
  • How to survive evening cluster feeds
  • How to help your baby to sleep a little more
  • Why babies are only happy in your arms and how to get your arms back!
  • What baby products are really worth having
  • Help you to feel more calm and confident as a new mother.
  • Provide an all important social activity for you and your baby

If you would like to learn more relaxed ways of parenting than following rules and routines set out by baby experts, such as Gina Ford, this is the course for you! This is a great mother and baby class for mums only, most suited to newborn babies from birth to 20 weeks of age.


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"Best information we could've received to prepare us for our expected arrival."   Brendan and Zoe Cole - who took our antenatal workshop in Oct 2012.


2) The BabyCalmTM BabyCalming Workshop

This workshop  provides all new parents with a brief introduction to the techniques of BabyCalmTM and provides a great alternative if you are unable to attend the full four week Mother and Baby course or would like to sample our ethos before booking.

Our BabyCalming workshop is also a great opportunity to get dads involved!

The BabyCalming workshop will help you to understand why small babies are only happy when they are in your arms, why they sleep so differently to adults and why they cry. We will share with you some tools and teach you techniques to help you to understand and calm a crying baby, calm colic and encourage your baby to sleep for just a little bit longer!

What you will learn:

  • The effects of the birth and how you can help to reverse them
  • How to aid bonding with your new baby
  • Ways to calm a crying baby
  • Tips to soothe baby colic
  • How to cope with a fussy baby
  • How to help your baby to sleep a little more
  • How to get your arms back!
  • Help you to feel more calm and confident as a new parent.

This baby class is often a light bulb moment for new parents with astoundingly quick results, many parents tell us they "wish we had known about this before the birth" or they bought books giving different advice! As well as being taught in a group format, this workshop can also be taught privately in your own home as we understand how difficult it can be to get out with a new baby - we are very used to seeing new mums in their pyjamas! This is a great class for both mums and dads, most suited to newborn babies from birth to 12 weeks of age



3) The BabyCalm™ Antenatal Workshop

This 3 hour antenatal class is designed to introduce parents-to-be to reasons why babies are fussy, cry so much and sleep so little. As well as showing you ways to calm a crying baby we will show you how to calm colic and encourage your baby to sleep well so you are confident and prepared for parenthood!

What you will learn:

  • How to be a confident parent
  • How to welcome your baby into a world where they are calmer
  • How to maximize the amount of sleep your baby - and you - will get
  • How to avoid colic
  • How to calm a crying baby
  • What baby products are really worth buying
  • How to 'wear' your baby in a sling or a carrier
  • How to swaddle - and whether it is for you

This is a great class for both mums and dads that can be taken at any time during pregnancy.


ray quinn baby, ray and emma quinn baby, ray quinn antenatal class, find my local antenatal class, find my nearest antenatal class, babycalm antenatal workshop "BabyCalm is the way forward" Ray Quinn & wife Emma took an antenatal workshop in July 2012.


4) The BabyCalm™ Baby Led Weaning Workshop

This workshop is designed to introduce parents to the concept of baby led weaning, a method of introducing food to your baby following their lead and cues.

Your BabyCalm™ teacher will help you to understand current weaning guidelines and how the idea of babies feeding themselves and having control over their diet can lead to less fussy, healthier eaters which can impact long into adulthood.

What you will learn:

  • The science behind baby weaning
  • How to avoid having a picky eater
  • Ideas of food options for both home and away. 
  • How to make weaning as easy and enjoyable as possible for you and your baby.

This is a great class for both mums and dads. This workshop is most suited to babies aged 4 months plus. 

Please note this workshop is not offered by all BabyCalm™ teachers.

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5. The BabyCalm™ Sleep Workshop

This special 3 hour baby sleep workshop is designed to help parents who are struggling with their baby's sleep, wondering if they will ever sleep through the night and battling sleep deprivation and exhaustion.

Our baby sleep workshop is however very different to most other baby sleep help you may find. Our suggestions, tools and techniques are all based on sound scientific evidence and we guarantee that they will not cause any harm to your baby, nor will they result in tears - for your or your baby!

We promise to never teach you to use controlled crying, rapid return, gradual withdrawal, 'pick up, put down' or any other behavioural related technique. Why? Firstly because we only advocate gentle sleep techniques and secondly, because whilst these behavioural techniques may work in the short term research shows they may lead to far more problems, including poor sleep, in the long term.

You will learn:

  • What normal baby sleep looks like
  • How to maximize the amount of sleep your baby - and you - will get
  • The neuroscience of infant sleep
  • The pros and cons of the most commonly used sleep training techniques 
  • Sleep safety and SIDS
  • Gentle alternatives to help your baby sleep
  • What to expect of your baby's sleep in the future
  • How to create good sleep habits - for life!

This is a great class for both mums and dads of babies aged 4 months to 12 months of age.

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michelle heaton and hugh hanley, michelle heaton baby, michelle heaton faith, michelle heaton new baby, michelle heaton baby name, michelle heaton baby classes

"Myself, Hugh and little Faith want to say how much the BabyCalm™ classes have helped us all become an amazing little family. They gave myself and Hugh the confidence every parent should have going forward, even though we were 1st timers. Reading books can only prepare you so much, without your classes and workshops we would have been lost. Faith is a very happy little girl and we are very happy parents. Thank you."  Michelle Heaton, February 2012



1. How much does a BabyCalm™ Baby Class cost?

Classes vary depending on the country - please contact your local teacher for prices in your area. 


2. Where are BabyCalm™ courses held?

BabyCalm™ baby classes are held in fourteen different countries, you can find your local baby class or antenatal workshop HERE.

Locations vary depending on the teacher and area. Find our where your local class is by contacting your nearest teacher.

Why not contact form your own group with your antenatal class friends? Many of our teachers are happy to travel to you and if you host a group in your own home many will give you a discount for doing so!


3. How do I book a course?

Please contact your nearest teacher directly to book your baby calming classes or antenatal workshop, details can be found here.


4. Can I bring older children to a BabyCalm™ course or workshop?

No. As much as we adore all children, BabyCalm™ aims to provide a calm and peaceful environment for new parents and parents to be and this is not always possible with toddlers and older children present as I'm sure you will understand!


5. I really do not like the idea of baby training methods that involve routines and lots of crying, is BabyCalm™ the course for me?

Rest assured we dislike these methods too! We promise to never teach you to let your baby "cry it out" or control their crying in any way. Our ethos is completely different to most other baby experts such as Gina Ford, Tizzie Hall and Supernanny, we do not set routines or give you unrealistic expectations. All of our approaches are as gentle on your baby as they are on you!


6. Is it possible to hold a private BabyCalm™ Course or workshop?

Yes, many teachers are happy to run private baby classes or antenatal workshops. This option will however include an extra charge; but many of our parents believe this option is extremely worthwhile particularly in the early days if they are struggling with a crying baby with colic and sleep deprivation! Please do contact your local teacher for their individual private baby class and antenatal workshop fees.

Dame Sarah Storey Baby, antenatal classes, BabyCalm

Paralympians Dame Sarah and Barney Storey attended our BabyCalming workshop. Sarah said "Barney and I were blown away with all the info and really loved learning about everything you suggest through BabyCalmTM."


7. How do I know it will work?

All of the methods taught in BabyCalm™ classes are backed up by scientific research and have been used successfully on over 1000 babies to date. We know how to calm a crying baby!


8. Do you offer refunds if I miss a class?

No. As we are unable to offer your missed class to anyone else; although we will be pleased to offer you the chance to attend the session you have missed on a subsequent group course for free of charge.


9. Do you Have a Book I can Read to Learn More About Your Methods?

check out  "BabyCalm™: A Guide for Calmer Babies and Happier Parents" written by Sarah Ockwell-Smith is available to purchase from all good book sellers worldwide!


10. How is BabyCalm™ different from other antenatal classes and postnatal baby classes?

The BabyCalm™ Difference: BabyCalm™ is an entirely unique concept, born out of years of research and learning from new parents and babies with the aim of supporting new families from newborn to toddlerdom and beyond.

What do we do? we support, we listen, we build confidence, we provide information and suggestions - we absolutely do not suggest prescriptive ways for raising babies. We are non-judgmental and non-biased. We present scientific based information that is always up to date. All of our female teachers are highly trained and mothers themselves. We focus on supporting parents to become confident in their new role and to ultimately be their own expert - or as we call it "The Maternal Revolution."


michael underwood new baby, michael underwood and angelica bell baby, the baby show babywearing, the baby show slings, the baby show carriers, earls court baby show baby slings, earls court baby show baby carriersTelevision presenter Michael Underwood leaning to 'babywear' with a BabyCalmTM teacher.


Have you attended a BabyCalm Class or Workshop?

You can complete our short feedback questionnaire HERE or alternatively email us HERE.


Do you have a 1, 2, 3 or 4 year old? Do you wish you'd found BabyCalmTM sooner? Let us introduce you to our sister course - ToddlerCalmTM

ToddlerCalm help parents to understand and calm their toddler's tantrums, help new sibling rivalry and antisocial behaviour, help picky eating and help the whole family to get more sleep!

To learn more about ToddlerCalm's classes and workshop click HERE or on the logo below.

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