About BabyCalm

BabyCalm help
parents understand
why their baby cries
and how to calm them.

BabyCalm™ is a unique concept, presented through classes and literature, that aims to empower new

 parents to raise their baby with confidence. BabyCalm™ helps new parents understand how to calm a crying baby, calm baby colic and looks at the expectations of baby sleeping through the night. Our antenatal classes and postnatal baby classes turn crying babies and stressed parents into calmer babies and happier parents!

BabyCalm™ was founded in 2007 by Sarah Ockwell-Smith, a mother of four from Essex UK. BabyCalm™ now has a team of over 120 babycalmers in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, the UAE and shortly the USA.  2012 saw the launch of the sister company ToddlerCalmTM

Michelle Heaton & baby Faith take a BabyCalm Antenatal Class

"Myself, Hugh and little Faith want to say how much the BabyCalm™ classes have helped us all become an amazing little family. They gave myself and Hugh the confidence every parent should have going forward, even though we were 1st timers. Reading books can only prepare you so much, without your classes and workshops we would have been lost. Faith is a very happy little girl and we are very happy parents. Thank you."

Michelle Heaton, February 2012

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Media requests

Both Charlotte and Sarah are accomplished public speakers and are available for interviews on television and radio as well as for printed media. Sarah has presented in most situations from blue chip boardrooms to University lecture halls, with a bit of TV and radio thrown in for good measure. Sarah is widely read and experienced in the fields of fertility, pregnancy, birth (and related trauma), PND, babies, toddlers and Child Development and is commonly contacted for her help as a 'Parenting Expert'. If you would like to contact Sarah directly please email her HERE, please direct general enquiries to THIS email address.

A range of parent stories and testimonials concerning the unique BabyCalm™ baby calming concept can be provided upon request.


For all enquiries relating to the BabyCalm™ book (please do not contact Sarah for any other enquiries) please contact:

Sarah Harwood
Senior Press Officer - Piatkus
Little Brown Book Group
100 Victoria Embankment, London EC4Y 0DY
++44(20) 7911 8962

The BabyCalm Book - A parenting book for new parents who like attachment parenting

Lucy Speed & baby like the BabyCalm book for parenting advice for a baby who won't sleep"As a new mum of a colicky baby I found this book and its advice soothing not only for my baby but for me!!! An essential pre birth read and a valuable after birth reference."  Lucy Speed, Actress - June 2012.


Vic's Story - UK Lead Trainer

Clinical Child Psychologist Baby Sleep AdviceAs our Lead Teacher Trainer Victoria also works in an advisory capacity for the development of our parent and training courses. Victoria also runs BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalm™ courses and workshops, in the Cambridge area as well as spending her days parenting her young daughter and son. Victoria also works in the NHS as a Clinical Child Psychologist specialising in work with Under 5's and their families. In her experience of working with parents in the NHS, Victoria has found that parents’ requests for help are often responded to with advice, advice and yet more advice. After becoming a parent herself, Victoria realised that parents are often overwhelmed with well-meaning advice but yet still remain confused and under confident about how to understand and calm their baby.



Sarah's Story - Founder & Co-Director

The founder and inspiration behind BabyCalm, Sarah, is a mother of four who initially studied Psychology, specialising in baby and child development, at University. Since then she has undertaken training in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, homeopathy, HypnoBirthing, infant first aid and baby massage. She is also a birth and postnatal Doula (birth companion and new mother's supporter). She also enjoyed a five year long career working in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Research and Development (Clinical trials) and so understands the importance of scientific research.

Sarah Ockwell-Smith - UK Baby expert & attachment parenting expert & parenting authorSarah's passion has always been for babies and children and she chose to specialise in this area professionally in 2002 after the birth of her firstborn. Since then she has worked with over 1000 families; helping them to settle into life as a new family as well as adding to her brood herself. BabyCalm™ started life in Sarah's living room in 2007, soon the uniqueness of Sarah’s BabyCalm™ work was realized in 2010 and the phenomenal demand for her services meant that Sarah needed to expand her company and train new BabyCalm™ teachers all over the UK. The response for this training was phenomenal with over 100 UK BabyCalmers being trained in the first year alone. 

Sarah believes strongly that all parents and babies deserve the calmest start in life, no matter what their beliefs or parenting styles. Sarah was struck that many of the subjects she talks about on her courses only seemed to belong to the realms of earth mothers and alternative types; whereas mainstream parenting products and advice given by the likes of Gina Ford, Tracey Hogg, Tizzie Hall and Supernanny, focussed on prescriptive routines and products to aid separation of mother and baby. She was also struck by quite how many parenting gurus gave strong opinions with little or no scientific evidence (or even parenting experience of their own!) to back up their claims. This, she believes, disempowers new parents who feel they lack this natural empathy and understanding, feeling the need to look to others to advise them on how to care for their own baby when in fact our best experts are our own instincts! Sarah strives to help parents to not only calm and understand their babies, but to help them to trust their instincts and make their own parenting decisions - confidently - without relying on somebody else's routines or manuals.

Sarah is currently writing a series of easy to read books about instinctive and gentle parenting, which she views as an antidote to the myriad of "parenting expert" books aimed at new parents currently available. Her first book, "BabyCalm™ - A Guide for Calmer Babies and Happier Parents" was published by Piatkus (part of the Little, Brown Publishing group) in October 2012 and a copy can be ordered HERE.  

Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid baby Dolly Sarah with Chantelle Houghton and Alex Reid at the ExCel Baby Show 2012.

Charlotte's Story - Co-Director

Charlotte graduated with a history & politics degree and worked in corporate business development, before setting up her own business at the age of 23. Over the last ten years, her business activities have taken her on an international journey through motorsport, manufacturing, distribution and retail. Charlotte is passionate about business and thoroughly enjoys the thrill of making a great concept come to life.

UK baby and parenting classes, antenatal classes for a baby who wants sleepHaving been terrified of giving birth, Charlotte took Sarah’s HypnoBirthing™ class; she went from considering an elective c-section to giving birth at home in a pool with no pain relief. She says that it was the most empowering experience of her life and enjoyed every minute of it. No one was more surprised than she, that she had given birth in such a way. And so began a great passion and interest in natural childbirth and rearing. Having taken Sarah’s BabyCalm™ class, the realization that being in tune with one’s own baby meant that her baby was content and so was she and her husband, further reinforced her belief that there was no need for instructions, regimes and charts telling her what to do when; just tuning in to her instincts and viewing the world through her babies senses meant that everyone was happier.

Charlotte met other mothers and saw firsthand how parents with fractious babies were able to gently sooth and calm them through the BabyCalm® Techniques and was overwhelmed with its success. With so many books and practitioners doing the rounds, spouting the do’s and don'ts of good parenting, disempowering the mother while programming the baby; Charlotte felt that there was more than a space for BabyCalm™ in the market, there was a social responsibility for it to be more widely available.


Corinne's Story - Australasian Trainer

Corinne originally worked with us at UK head office, but is now taking BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalm™ to Australasia starting with her home country of New Zealand. A Research Scientist by training Corinne is now focussing her energies into parenting her young son as well as running BabyCalm™ and ToddlerCalm™ classes. Corinne is also a qualified Babywearing consultant and helps to run her local sling library. Corinne is known as "BabyCalm's Sling Guru" by all of the teachers!

award winning baby classes award winning antenatal classes near meBabyCalm™ was awarded silver for "Best Baby & Toddler Class" in the 2012 Loved By Parents Awards